Definitions of Features In the Outline Builder

Before we delve into how to build your outline, here are some definitions of different functions and features in the Outline Builder.

  • Content goal: The purpose of your content — what you want to convey, and what you want readers to do
  • Add New: Click on this button to add a new section for a H2, H3, H4, or a textbox
  • Topic Coverage: The depth of your topic coverage compared to the top 10 pages
  • Longform AI: The AI writer that can do many things for you. Click on it to:
    • Write your whole outline
    • Autofill details in specific sections of your outline
    • Regenerate the details in specific sections of your outline
    • Generate your long-form content
    • Customize your AI settings
    • Watch tutorial videos on how to use Longform AI
  • Talking points: Information or details to support the subheading topic
  • Topics: Topics extracted from the top 10 pages
  • Questions: Questions found on the top 10 pages and People Also Ask section
  • Links: Frequently-linked to pages by the top 10
  • Contextual Terms: High-frequency terms used by the top 10 that can increase your contextual relevancy in the eyes of Google
  • Rewrite: Rephrase a highlighted text to word it differently
  • Simplify: Rephrase a highlighted text to make it easier to read and understand
  • Expand: Rephrase a highlighted text to give it more context and make it longer
  • Write with terms: Rephrase a highlighted text to include a contextual term or custom keyword
  • Write for me: Write the next sentence or paragraph, or have Longform AI execute a custom command for you (eg. “Write some FAQs about [blog post topic]”)

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