Step 1: Create Document

This article will go over the first step to generate content with Longform AI: creating a document, specifying your target keyword, and (optional) choosing your content length.

To start, follow the steps below:

  1. Enter your target keyword in the Content Writer dashboard. Your target keyword is the keyword you want to rank for — basically, if someone searches up for a certain keyword, you want your page to appear in the search results. Note: You may enter up to 3 target keywords.
  2. Select your location and language
  3. Optional: Choose your desired Content Length from the dropdown menu. You can also do this later in the next step.
  4. Click on Create Document and wait for your document to be created.
  5. Once your document is created, click on it to start writing.

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See also: Definitions of Features in the Outline Builder

Tip: Set the status of your content progress (Outline, Writing, Optimizing, Completed) with the dropdown menu

Tip: You can cancel & trash documents right after creating them if you change your mind or if it's taking too long.

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