What are Contextual Terms?

Contextual Terms are keywords that can enhance your content's relevancy in the eyes of Google. Adding Contextual Terms optimally helps Google understand what your content is all about, which gives it a boost to rank higher for your target keyword.

Read the Contextual Terms Tutorial to learn more about what Contextual Terms are and how to use them.

Below are some tips on how to use Contextual Terms:

  • Click on View Preferences to sort and filter the Contextual Terms.

  • The terms are color-coded by optimization level, like so:
    • Green: The term has been used within the optimal range. No further action needed.
    • Yellow: The term is under-optimized. Increasing the usage is recommended.
    • Red: The term is over-optimized. Reducing the usage is recommended.
    • Gray: The term has not been used anywhere in your content yet.
  • The set of numbers to the left of each term shows the number of times you've used it in your content vs. the optimal range you should be using it.
  • You can easily copy individual or all Contextual Terms using the copy to clipboard button right next to the term, or using 'Copy all' (tip: I like to check only the 'Show unused terms' box in View Preferences, and then use the 'Copy all' feature to copy-paste all of the unused terms into my content.
  • Clicking on each Contextual Term will show you the examples of use, which are sentences using the term extracted from the top-ranking pages. This is really nifty for when you need inspiration on how to incorporate Contextual Terms into your content.

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