Do you have a tutorial on how to use SurgeGraph?

Yes, we do! Whether it be articles you can read or videos you can watch, we have em' all.

There's still more in the works, so make sure to stay tuned for more cool stuff.


Here are some tutorial articles to learn how to use each of SurgeGraph's tools, step-by-step:

  1. Getting Started with SurgeGraph
  2. How to use Longform AI
  3. How to use the Content Writer
  4. How to use the Keyword Research Tool
  5. How to use the Planner
  6. How to use the Bulk Keyword Research Tool
  7. How to manage your Account Settings


Can't stand reading long blocks of text? Don't sweat it.

Watch our tutorial videos instead, for a more visual and faster approach!

Head over to SurgeGraph's YouTube Channel and watch our plethora of tutorial videos to your heart's content (oh, and don't forget to Subscribe so that you don't miss out on new videos!).

For starters, I would recommend these 4 videos:

  1. How To Use SurgeGraph: A Proven Workflow For Top 10 Ranking SEO AI Content
  2. How to automatically generate an outline using Longform AI
  3. How to build your own outline with the Outline Builder
  4. How to generate long-form content using Longform AI

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