SurgeGraph Roadmap

Here’s what we have planned for the near future:

1. Content Vision (AI images) - ETA Early October 2023*

The featured image will automatically be generated for you. For images within the content, you can specify how many images to be generated. Alternatively, you can use Expert Command to write your own simple prompt (2-6 words) to generate customized images.

2. Internal linking - ETA Early October 2023*

By providing your sitemap or URL, SurgeGraph will crawl your website, look for internal linking opportunities, and suggest them to you. By accepting the suggestions, the internal links will automatically be added into your content.

3. Article types - ETA Mid October 2023*

You can create outlines and long-form content for different article types like product roundups, how-tos/tutorials, comparisons, product reviews, and listicles. You can also still choose to generate outlines & content for general articles or blog posts.

4. Custom outline importer and organizer - ETA Mid October 2023*

You can import your own structured or raw-text outlines into the Outline Builder. Your input will automatically be parsed and arranged into an organized outline that will then be used to generate long-form content.

5. And more!

We have so many more ideas on upgrading SurgeGraph with more features and tools that will help you dominate the rankings and bring in that traffic. But of course, they're all still in the ideation stage.

Once those ideas become more concrete, we'll definitely update our roadmap, so stay tuned for that!

Better yet, let us know your ideas on what would improve your experience and the app as a whole here: SurgeGraph Idea Submission

*Note: This roadmap outlines our current intentions and objectives for product development. However, please be aware that software development is a dynamic process, subject to change based on various factors including user feedback, technical constraints, and market dynamics.

Additionally, estimated timelines (ETAs) mentioned for specific features are subject to change and should be considered approximate.

✅ Completed Items

Here are some of the items we've checked off the to-do list:

1. Longform AI - Launched on April 18, 2023

Longform AI is an AI writing assistant that writes contextually relevant content for both search users and search engines. It works with GPT3 to incorporate 50+ SERP data points to produce in-depth and highly optimized content for humans and SEO. 

Essentially, Longform AI creates long-form content that is both helpful for human readers and powered to rank high on search engines.

This means you no longer have to spend hours working on a single piece of content, and instead let Longform AI do the bulk of the work for you.

2. Outline Builder - Launched on April 18, 2023

The Outline Builder will generate outlines and briefs for you to start writing right away. So, instead of spending hours analyzing the SERP to build your outline, we aim to cut it down to minutes.

We also want it to be your go-to brief builder when you are dealing with an outsourced writer, so ease of sharing will also be part of the consideration.

3. Reorganized Workflow and User Experience - Released on April 18, 2023

As we include new modules into the app, we want to integrate all features into a seamless workflow with an intuitive UI.

This means you won’t have to worry about doing any gruntwork, and just focus on strategizing while having the smoothest experience on the app.

4. Auto-Optimizer - Released on May 20, 2023

The Auto-Optimizer automates optimization tasks for you so you don't have to spend too much time and effort optimizing your content.

It automatically optimizes your title for your target keyword, adds high-performance keywords naturally, includes authoritative outbound links, and more.

5. Expert Command - Released on June 19, 2023

Expert Command is the ability to get Longform AI execute custom instructions, similar to how you would use ChatGPT.

This can include custom commands like "Provide statistics and citation supporting that [insert claim here]".

This means you won't have to run over to ChatGPT for custom commands, and instead get everything you need done in SurgeGraph 🙂. Did someone say efficiency?

6. Document Folders - Released on July 12, 2023

Document folders allows you to create folders in the Content Writer for easier organization and retrieval of your documents.

7. Custom keywords and URL for the Auto-Optimizer - Released on August 15, 2023

You can specify your own custom keywords and URLs you want the Auto-Optimizer to insert into your content.

The Auto-Optimizer will suggest suitable paragraphs or keywords that can be modified to include your desired keywords and URLs.

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