How do I use SurgeGraph?

Hey there, and welcome to SurgeGraph!

I know it can be just a tad confusing and overwhelming to get started with a new app where everything feels unfamiliar.

No worries though - we all gotta start somewhere, and I'm 100% sure you'll be a SurgeGraph expert in no time with all of the resources available.

Watch this video for an orientation of SurgeGraph → Welcome to SurgeGraph!

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This article will go over some basic stuff to help you get started with SurgeGraph:

  • SurgeGraph Toolsets (what tools are there and what do you use them for?)
  • Workflows (how do you use SurgeGraph's tools, and in what order?)
  • Tutorials: Articles (step-by-step guides on how to use SurgeGraph)
  • Tutorials: Videos (videos that demonstrate how to use SurgeGraph's features)

So, ready to do some discovering? Let's go!

SurgeGraph Toolsets

1. Content Writer

The Content Writer is where you build in-depth outlines with the Outline Builder, generate content from scratch using Longform AI, and optimize new or existing content. Basically, it's where you accelerate your content velocity.

Features included in the Content Writer are:

  • Longform AI
  • Outline Builder
  • SERP Analyzer
  • SEO Analysis, Score, & Suggestions
  • Export

2. Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool is where you perform keyword research to discover high-performing & profitable keywords that can drive maximum traffic to your website.

Features included in the Keyword Research Tool are:

  • Hundreds of related keyword ideas
  • Metrics like Search Intent, Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty
  • Opportunity Score
  • SERP Analyzer
  • Topic Clustering
  • Export

3. Planner

The Planner is where you can map out your keywords to build content silos and plan internal links.

Features included in the Planner are:

  • Keyword Listing
  • Keyword Mapper
  • Export

4. Bulk Keyword Research Tool

Bulk Keyword Research is where you can efficiently perform keyword research for up to 500 words at once.

This is especially helpful when you have a long list of keywords that needs to be researched.

So instead of researching them one by one, you can just import a CSV file, copy paste, or type the keywords in manually, and get important metrics like user intent, search volume, keyword difficulty, and Opportunity Score in seconds.

Features included in the Bulk Keyword Research Tool are:

  • Metrics like Search Intent, Search Volume & Keyword Difficulty
  • Opportunity Score
  • Export


There are exactly... 4,835 different ways to use SurgeGraph.

Just kidding, of course.

To be honest? There are no set workflows on how to use SurgeGraph - the possibilities are endless, and it really depends on your specific needs.

For example, if you already know what your target keyword is, you can jump straight to the Content Writer to generate optimized, long-form content.

If you wanted to do just keyword research, you can head to the Keyword Research Tool, or Bulk Keyword Research to do some investigating.

But perhaps what you're really looking for is a workflow of how to use all of SurgeGraph's tools — no worries, I got you there.

At SurgeGraph, we're really big on these 3 SEO Cornerstones:

  1. Choosing the right keywords
  2. Building content silos and internal links
  3. Accelerating content velocity

Why? Because from the numerous studies we've carried out, these 3 cornerstones are what really makes or breaks your site's performance on the SERP.

Hence, each of our tool was developed to help you achieve all 3 cornerstones.

Simply put, here are the basic steps of the workflow:

Step 1: Research Keyword Tool - Research and discover the best keywords by looking at the Opportunity Score, then save those keywords in a project.

Step 2: Planner - Map out those keywords to build your content silos and pillar pages, and link the keywords and contents together using internal links.

Step 3: Content Writer - Build an in-depth outline and generate a complete article in seconds. Then, optimize the content by following the SEO suggestion checklist, generate a meta description, export, and publish.

Make sure to check out this video that shows you exactly what this workflow looks like in action:

How To Use SurgeGraph: A Proven Workflow For Top 10 Ranking SEO AI Content

Tutorials: Articles

Here are some tutorial articles to learn how to use each of SurgeGraph's tools, step-by-step:

  1. Getting Started with SurgeGraph
  2. How to use Longform AI
  3. How to use the Content Writer
  4. How to use the Keyword Research Tool
  5. How to use the Planner
  6. How to use the Bulk Keyword Research Tool
  7. How to manage your Account Settings

Tutorials: Videos

Can't stand reading long blocks of text? Don't sweat it.

Watch our tutorial videos instead, for a more visual and faster approach!

Head over to SurgeGraph's YouTube Channel and watch our plethora of tutorial videos to your heart's content (oh, and don't forget to Subscribe so that you don't miss out on new videos!).

For starters, I would recommend these 4 videos:

  1. Welcome to SurgeGraph!
  2. How To Use SurgeGraph: A Proven Workflow For Top 10 Ranking SEO AI Content
  3. How to automatically generate an outline using Longform AI
  4. How to build your own outline with the Outline Builder
  5. How to generate long-form content using Longform AI

Of course, there's even more videos in the works, so stay tuned!

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