How to use Expert Command

What is Expert Command?

Expert Command allows you to run custom commands all within SurgeGraph. Different than the usual “custom commanding” you’re used to, Expert Command uses advanced NLP techniques that considers the whole context of your content to run your commands and add relevant bullet lists, tables, statistics, and more.

How to use Expert Command?

Watch this video for a detailed walkthrough of how to use Expert Command, use cases, how to save & reuse commands, and best practices: 7 Ways To Fine-Tune Your Content With Expert Command.

Alternatively, follow the steps below:

  1. Use one of the following methods to activate Expert Command:
    • Highlight a specific sentence or paragraph, and choose ‘Expert Command’ from the dropdown menu
    • Type ‘/’ in a new paragraph (this is the shortcut key)
    • Click on the Longform AI icon at the bottom right corner and click on ‘Expert Command’
  1. Enter your custom command in the input field, and click ‘Run command’, or choose from the available templates
  2. Review the generated text and click ‘Done’

How to save and reuse Expert Commands:

If you anticipate using a specific command regularly, you can save it so you don’t have to type it out every time you need it.

Follow the below steps to save and reuse Expert Commands:

  1. Click on the Longform AI icon at the bottom right corner
  2. Click on the bubble icon at the furthest left of the toolbar
  3. Click on ‘Save New Command’
  4. Fill in the details and click ‘Save Command’
  5. The next time you need to use it, simply choose the saved command from the Expert Command dropdown menu

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