How to view revision history and restore a previous version of the document

In the Content Writer, you can keep track of changes you've done to your content, and also restore it to a previous version.

This is especially useful because while editing your content, you might make mistakes or feel like a previous version of the content was better. Hence, this is when you can easily recover a previous version without having to manually undo or redo your edits.

Watch the tutorial video for a more visual walkthrough of how to do this.

Below are the steps:

1. Open the document you're working on

2. Click on the history icon above the topic coverage meter.

  1. The full version history is listed on the right hand side, where expanding on a specific date breaks it down into timestamps.
  2. Clicking on a specific date or timestamp will show the version of the document at that point in time. For easier future reference, you can name the versions.
  3. To restore a version, click on the three vertical dots and click on 'Restore this version'.

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