How to use your own OpenAI API key

This article will show you how to use your own OpenAI API key in the Longform AI Content Writer.

This step is completely optional, and you don't have to do anything if you want to continue using SurgeGraph's key.

Benefits of using your own API key

  • You can "skip the public queue" and generate content faster
  • Allows you to use GPT-4
  • You can generate as many articles you want, as you pay for your own usage
  • You can use the Bulk Generation feature

How to use your own OpenAI API Key

Watch this video or follow the steps below to learn how to use your own OpenAI API key:

  1. In the main dashboard, go to Account Settings, and go to OpenAI API Key Settings.
  2. Choose your preferred GPT model from the dropdown. By default, the latest model will be selected.
  3. Click on the "Use custom API key" option.
  4. Insert your OpenAI API key in the field.
  5. To use GPT-4, check the "Use GPT-4" box (important: See Note #1 below)
  6. Click on Add Custom Key.


  1. If you want to use GPT-4, please make sure your key supports GPT-4. Look for GPT-4 under the "Model" dropdown, and if it isn’t there, it means your key doesn’t support it. You would have to wait for OpenAI to grant you access to GPT4.
  2. If your OpenAI API key is newly created or has no payment method attached, your key may not have a high enough rate limit to run Longform AI. Check your rate limit here.
  3. Your key is secure with SurgeGraph. It is encrypted before storing it in our database, so that even if the database gets compromised, the key cannot be used. Your key is only retrieved and used during the OpenAI API call, meaning we will never be able to see your key.

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