Definitions of Features In the Content Optimizer

Before we delve into how to optimize your content, here are some definitions of different functions and features in the Content Optimizer:

  • Content Score: A score that tells you how well-optimized your content is for search engines
  • Search Intent: The user search intent of your content (Informational, Navigational, Local, or Transactional)
  • Word Count: Your content’s total word count
  • Heading Count: Your content’s total heading count
  • Paragraph Count: Your content’s total paragraph count
  • Image Count: Your content’s total image count
  • Keyword Density: The percentage of your target keyword usage in the whole content
  • Target keyword used: The number of times your target keyword is used in the content
  • Decorated text used: The number of decorated text in your content (bold, italics, underline)
  • Internal links: The number of internal links in your content (links to pages on your website)
  • Outbound links: The number of external links in your content (links to pages on other websites)
  • Topic Coverage: The depth of your topic coverage compared to the Top 10
  • Readability: A measure of how easy or difficult your content is to read
  • SEO suggestions: A list of actionable items to improve your optimization
  • Auto Optimize: Clicking on this will activate the Auto-Optimization mode

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