Step 6: Optimize Content

This article will go over 2 methods of optimizing your content for search engines.

Method 1: Manual optimization

  1. First, head over to the SEO tab. Here, you’ll see a lot of different SEO metrics. (see: Definitions of Features In the Content Optimizer)
  2. Each metric is benchmarked against the Top 10 pages. To optimize your content, you want to make sure you’re meeting the suggested targets.
  3. To further improve your Content Score, you can follow the SEO Suggestions checklist: a list of actionable items you can follow to boost your content score and improve your optimization for search engines.
  4. After completing a specific item, you’ll see a checkmark to the left of the item and see your Content Score increase.

Method 2: Auto-optimization

See article: How to use the Auto-Optimizer

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Tip: To get a more in-depth analysis of your competitors (the top 10), click on the View full list of SERP button

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